Day 2.

Today has been downright exciting. As in the laundry’s not done, the windows aren’t washed and I haven’t decided anything. I did write a short blurb for Chicagoist about Google Books in the city (cute, pointless) and arrange for a couple of interviews for that site next week – I’ll keep my hands in the pot for as long as possible – but yeah. Nothing Paid. And since, obviously, paid is a huge factor… Hrmph.

I’m going to send out freelance pitches, drop the car off at the repair shop, the bike off at the other repair shop, go shopping and then probably head to the Windy Citizen tweetup later tonight. Tomorrow, on the other hand, promises to be much more exciting as everyone is finally completely finished and there’s a “Viva La Medillia” going away bash. Because regardless of quarters, almost everyone is leaving. Coolest jobs: Cairo (Joe Freeman) Sid (Bloomberg NYC) London (Lauren Hansen) Paris (Stefan Maisnier). There are at least 15 people I know headed to DC, which means when I go out there -and I will go out there soon – I’ll have somewhere to stay.

In the interim, am considering, at Boyer’s recommendation, a field trip to Tulum Mexico, land of the naked beach huts. Also on the list: DC, Philly, Seattle, SF Bay and LA. Given my current unemployment problem, I can spend as much time wandering the coasts as I want to… and I’m beginning to REALLY REALLY want to.


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