Day one.

So. I’m post-Medill. This is weird. My plan, you see, extended as far as “Go to Medill.” It was a nice plan, incorporated about two years (kickass internship, application, attendance) of my life… Rounded out all of my ambitions, fame, fortune. Whatever. But. Graduation – both the act of doing so and the actual matriculation – have come and gone. And… I have no idea what I’m doing next.

What do I want to do? This is a question that keeps coming up. And it’s an irriating one, mostly because I don’t want to do *anything* specifically. I love having moving parts and my fingers in every part – yes I’m mixing metaphors. But seriously. I love doing brand strategy and marketing as much as I like government transparency initiatives, political reporting and metro issues. This is a problem, as one generally tries not to bridge the editorial divide…. at least that’s how it used to work.

My favorite parts of Medill weren’t necessarily the editorial – though @mpacatte is an amazing advisor and urban reporting was precisely what I was hoping for. Kellogg has probably taught me the most about brand strategy and organizational structure… parts of my mind that needed developing in addition to the journalism. But the flaw there is that no one is hiring – probably because they don’ know they need – a person who wants to use the journalism to shape the editorial, and who sees multiplatform consistency and development to be the way of the future. I can say the buzzwords – and the trick is, I think I can execute the strategy. But no one is innovating in journalism right now. We’re all clutching our pocketbooks, battening down the hatches, and waiting out the bankruptcy filings (the Reader was first out – as of yesterday)… Lame.


2 responses to “Day one.

  1. You can say the buzzwords? Great! You think you can actually execute strategy? Awesome! But neither of those things will land you a job in that field.

    My advice is to learn how to break down those buzzwords into plainspeak that demonstrates you actually DO understand them (and I’m not doubting that you do) and make your point by using real-world examples of you ideas of strategy in action. Bonus points if you can provide specific examples of strategies you would employ for future projects.

    These days everyone is a writer / social media expert, but VERY few can actually think ahead. If you can display that acumen, I think you will land a job sooner rather than later.

    • And now I have something to do this week – diagram 😉 Seriously though, doing the multi-platform branding for Insider Chicago and Televisa’s answer to ESPN has been the subject of the past nine months of research at Kellogg and Medill. We can talk about it forever.

      And I don’t want to be a social media expert, though it should be a facet of every single thing one does in the mediasphere.

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